Alfa- Motor Physio dispenser

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The new Alfa Motor system was developed with the intention to provide extra smoothness into your hands.
Electronic motor and sophisticated motor controls are key players in this product.
New design with smooth edges for easy cleaning.
An LCD display that provides you all the information at a glance.
Single function haptic keys and audible feedback guarantee an accurate device setup.
Inserting and changing tube sets is carried out effortlessly by a front access push button and tube compartment.


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I can confidently state that Alfa Gate implant-supported restorations. The complete range of product fulfills most of implant treatment plans.

doctors testimotionals , alfa gate dental implants


I highly recommend Alfa Gate’s simplified surgical system, as a surgeon i operate with MAX and Bioactive implants due to their strong connectionand great surface

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Alfa Gate’s deep understanding of biology and mechanics forms the fundamentals for the highest quality dental implants.

ALFA GATE dental implants

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